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Kosmos Central

A developer of business management software.

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Based in Portland, Oregon Kosmos Central helps businesses connect on-premise, B2B and cloud applications. Kosmos Central is an industry leader with 10 years of software integration experience. We specialize in web-based eCommerce, POS, ERP and SQL database integration, as well as web design and web application development services.

Kosmos Central offers integrations for eSync, Magento, X-Cart, BrilliantRetail, eBay, Amazon, Microsoft Dynamics RMS, and Smyth Retail Merchant Plus! We also have the ability to custom build connections that will allow integration with other systems and applications, as well as extend SQL databases to the cloud.

Our mission at Kosmos Central is to help businesses increase efficiency when it comes to managing their on-premise and web-based businesses. We do this by integrating web stores, POS, RMS, ERP systems, SQL databases, and 3rd party applications. Integration allows business owners and staff to quickly and effortlessly update product information, process and track orders, adjust inventory, manage customer information, and more, between multiple systems.

Product Lines

  • Kosmos eSync

    A web-based eCommerce to ERP linking solution designed by Kosmos.

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