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System Manager is our Claim to Openness. You really have to judge for yourself but once you have tried our

Active Open Window Concept you will never be able to go back to a to menu intensive application again. Our marketing specialists have researched and concluded that your heavy computer users can save up to two hours per day with this revolutionary active open window concept.

  • Multi-Currency
  • Unlimited Country’s Tax System
  • Multiple Company’s. Changing companies is done by the push of a button, no need to log out or back in. * Each company can have its own separate data path for increased network security.
  • Multi-Location is a snap, simply create as many locations as you have and then assign which employees belong to which locations. Each location can have its own set of GL Codes to track revenue, expenses, inventory and more. Doing internal transactions between different locations are all tracked by TeamBooks as well.
  • Stand Alone, Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, SaaS
  • Thin Client Supported - which means it will work under Windows Terminal Services allowing you to use dumb terminals to operate the program or you can install it to your PC and have your PC run the program.
  • Track daily rates.
  • Thin Client Supported.
  • Microsoft Access data structure with optional Oracle & DBF.
  • Tags Transaction Creator in all modules
  • Drill Down to original transactions the General Ledger.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with System Manager:

"System Manager" is part of the Kojeo ERP line of products, developed by Kojeo.