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We put Rentals in because we found a great need for an Accounting Package with a built in Rental module. Our Rental Module allows you to do automatic billing by the Day, Week, Month or Year.

Lookups by Product Type such as Push Lawn Mower, Manufacture such as Snapper and purchase date for the newest products. Query on what’s in, out, lost or sold. Show complete history on who rented particular equipment in the past and notes on what was said or damage done after product was returned.

Open Rental Agreement is an active window you can have displayed at all times if you like, which will show what that customer has currently out and when it is estimated back.

  • Rental Inventory
  • Rental searches by Manufacturer, Model, Product * Type and Status
  • Rented item history
  • Open agreements listing
  • Automatic billing by hour, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or flat rental charge
  • Query on What’s in, out, lost, or sold

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Rentals:

"Rentals" is part of the Kojeo ERP line of products, developed by Kojeo.