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  • Copy purchase orders from previous purchase orders
  • Track purchases by active orders
  • Materials Requisition
  • Automatic Qty reordering by intuitive reorder formula which you can maintain. Formula takes into account the following parameters:
    • Average quantity per month the item was sold. Last 3 months average, in order to detect if the item is becoming less popular.
    • 3 months at the same months last year in order to detect seasonal items.
    • How long the items have been in stock so that you do not order items that are not moving.
    • Number of invoices processed in the last 3 months on the item so that you do not re-order the item if it was only sold on one invoices to one customer.
    • Deliver time per vendor for that item.
    • Best price per item, so if there is high enough quantity left in stock to receive product from the best price vendor even though the deliver time for the best price vendor is higher consider ordering as much as possible for the best price vendor.
    • And yes you can also set your own reorder points such as minimal you want in stock as well as maximum you want in stock.
  • Notifies sales orders managers when product has arrived
  • Can automatically notify customers when backordered or special order product has arrived.
  • Manual purchase orders
  • Purchase Wizard
  • Allows temporary PO selection for quick ordering.
  • Capable of printing checks in Purchase Order stage.
  • Receive Inventory from purchase orders before invoice is received.
  • Saves historical Purchase Orders for later reference.
  • Tracks your returns for credits to vendors until you receive credit notice.

Purchase Orders allows you to print Checks on the fly once you have created to purchase order. This way if you don’t have credit with the Vendor you can cut the check and send your truck driver over to pick up the product.

Purchase Orders allows you to cross reference customer orders to your purchase orders. This way you can lookup the customer order any time you want to see if the product has been received yet!

Our Purchase Order Module allows you to use its wizard to do automatic purchasing by minimal - maximum levels in inventory or by customer outstanding orders.

You can also include entries from KOJEO Material Requisition screen, order by Minimal/Maximum Levels and order for all warehouses at the same time

PO Wizard allows you to shop around for the items you want to and the items you don’t want to shop around you can just tell the system to automatically use default vendors.

When you click on the item you want to shop around the system will automatically show you which orders its allocated in and what it is being sold at.

Also it will show you all vendors which you have purchased it in the past and the Minimal, Average and Maximum price you ever paid for it.

When you select a vendor in the scratch pad to get pricing from that vendor on that item the system will automatically tell you how may of these items you have bought from this Vendor YTD and total purchases from the Vendor YTD allowing the purchase agent to be very informed.

Use the Return Material Authorization Screen to track any returns back to the vendor to insure you receive the proper credit for your goods.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Purchase Orders:

"Purchase Orders" is part of the Kojeo ERP line of products, developed by Kojeo.