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We built our Contact Manager stronger than most dedicated CRM programs, but with ours its integrated into the Accounting Data. This means no more double entry but best of all it means that now not only are the Sales staff using the Contact Manager for sales prospects but you get to utilize this power for all you staff’s day to day work. After all isn’t knowledge power?

Notes: The notes window sorts all notes by customer or vendor. As you select the customer or vendor in the lookup window the notes window will automatically re-query showing you the notes on that customer or vendor. When you create a new note Koios ERP automatically stamps the user name who created it, and the date and time.

Calendar: Calendar scheduling was built to share employee whereabouts and personal scheduling without having to use a separate package. With Calendar scheduling you can lookup other peoples appointments, schedule group appointments as well as use calendar scheduling to schedule Technicians and Mechanics for specific customer work orders.

Things To Do: Allows you to track tasks which have to be accomplished. This is a personal things to do which means no one else in your organization can see it so you can put your anniversary dates here also!

Document Handler: The Document handler was created to not only organize your word, excel and other office/production type documents but also as a way to share them with other staff members. This document handler will store any applications data, in the case of windows based applications you can actually create templates such as letter head, fax cover sheets etc. With these templates you can link Customer or Vendor information to these templates such as name/address. In this way as soon as you create a new document from a template these fields are automatically filled out in your new document.

A good example of this is if you create a letter head template in word and link your customer name and address information. Any employee can quickly create new letters in the document handler based on your template and have everything filled out for them such as your logo and the customer the are currently on. All they have to do is type their message and print.

Customer Window: Allows you to select the fields you want and search and sort on any field you have selected. Simply type in the Customer Window and the list changes to your key strokes.

User Defined Fields: Fields can be Numeric,Date, Alpha-Numeric or Table Selections (Table Selection is a category and items under it such as Industry and then items such as “Forestry,Fishing, Agriculture, Oil”). This allows you to track extra information on your customer. You can also use these fields in your searches.

Contacts Window: Allows you to store unlimited contacts with name, address, e-mail information and

  • Unlimited Notes per vendor or contact
  • Calendar
  • Stores documents in document window from any windows based application to appropriate Customer Or Vendor.
  • Create Document Templates in any Windows based application complete with linked Customer or * Vendor Information from TeamBooks Software.
  • Contact Window
  • Customer Window sorts are user defined
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Create your own fields tagged to customer entry or order entry; Date, Alpha-Numeric, Numeric or Table * Lists field types
  • User defined fields in extensive searches in conjunction with city, sales rep., order entry keywords, notes, documents and more to narrow customer lists.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with CRM:

"CRM" is part of the Kojeo ERP line of products, developed by Kojeo.