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Kojeo ERP

A web‑based accounting software system designed by Kojeo for startups and small organizations.
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KOJEO integrates General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Purchase Orders, Inventory, Contact Management, Document Handler and Manufacturing seamlessly, ultimately assisting your team to be a leader.

Developed using cross-platform technology enables speed in all areas of KOJEO ERP Software. Active Open-Windows Design enables any company’s infrastructure to make quick accurate decisions, based on past and future information.

Have you or known any company which may have lost sales or taken much longer in supplying a product only because pertinent information was missing, lost, or not conveyed properly?

KOJEO ERP is more a process than a software package. KOJEO helps guide an organization to deliver better communication between staff, customers and vendors. By utilizing KOJEO an organization will be sure to see improved business processes for all staff and higher sales due to better communication and efficiencies within their organization.

All these Modules are integrated and supply pertinent information concerning any client or vendor to whichever member of your organization requires it.

Popular Functionality Modules

System Manager System Manager is our Claim to Openness. You really have to judge for yourself but once you have tried our Active Open Window Concept you will never be able to go back to a…

General Ledger Our General Ledger allows you to group GL codes by departments and summarize these GL Codes by their basic codes. Also you can separate your codes into multiple GL Structure…

Accounts Receivable We have automated our Customer functions with options such as automatic statements and invoices VIA Fax, E-Mail or Mail depending on each of your customers preference.…

Quotations-Orders-Invoices KOJEO Quotes, Orders and Invoice entry screens are very similar to each others creating user familiarity. KOJEO ERP allows ease of use but the power needed for companies with…

Time Billing This is not a modular package it is part of the system. Detailed time and expenses of employees are tracked and billed to specific customers. Charge by the hour for labor…

Complete Functionality Module List

Reviews of Kojeo ERP

from Joeauto says…

I really like the software as i can accesses it everywhere i works really well fully recommended

The good: Accessibility

The bad: i love everything