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XTools Excel Add-in

A software system designed by Kode101.
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Advanced worksheet autofit ensures all columns and rows are at the optimal widths and heights to display all data. Eliminating cells that appear as ##### and forcing any hidden text to be displayed.

If a column is too wide, text wrapping is turned on, allowing the column width to be reduced. The vertical alignment of the cells is set to the top, thus heightened rows are easier to read. When notes or long strings of text are found in the cells of column A, the cells are merged across the spreadsheet to eliminate the column from being forced wide.

Smart page minimizer tests both landscape and portrait settings and then reduces the zoom percent until it finds the optimal settings to reduced the number of pages your spreadsheets print on.

xTools can force specified cells on your spreadsheet to only accept numbers or dates to be entered. Invalid text data that exists in these cells will be highlighted for your attention to delete or correct. Cells already containing numbers can still have the validation applied.

Formula based on these cells will no longer have the #VALUE! error once all text cells are cleared

xTools quickly cleans up the look and readability of your spreadsheets. First you can remove gridlines to make it easier to read your spread-sheets on screen. Then add light horizontal lines for large data tables, making it easier to follow a row across.

Key Features

  • Advanced worksheet autofit
  • Smart page minimizer
  • Ensure accurate data input
  • Professional, quick formatting
  • Easy to use

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