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A developer of business management software.

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Founded in 2001 and based in Tampa, Florida; KnowTia Corporation provides client/server based CRM software for the small business market. KnowTia products offer a solution for the complete customer life cycle.

Early integration with Intuit QuickBooks® established KnowTia Corporation as a highly successful provider of CRM based software to small and medium size businesses. With hundreds of customers using their Windows™ based product, KnowTia Corporation listens to their requests for future product enhancements. From that input KnowTia Corporation proudly released the completely browser based Oasis CRM™ product line in May, 2006. OASIS CRM has proven invaluable by boasting more than 1,000 total users of the product since its release and has assisted KnowTia in maintaining its position as the absolute best CRM value in the marketplace.

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    A customer relationship management system designed by KnowTia.

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