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openBLUE has it’s own built in Report Writer as part of the application. There is no need to purchase external third party tools and services. If you already have procured third party tools for other purposes, openBLUE has open API’s allowing you to use your tools to access the openBLUE database.

Integrated Reporting, Data Warehousing and OLAP

From every document in the system, you can create reports. You can define the layout, sorting, labels, etc. to customize it for your all or a specific organization or for yourself. Reporting Views enable analytical and summary reporting. The reporting facility you can drill down to contained elements (e.g. from order to business partner, payment rules, ..) or drill across to referenced items (from order to invoices, shipments, etc. linked to that order).

For multidimensional entries, you can select the dimensions, you want to report on. All information can be printed or exported to Excel, Word, XML, PDF, etc. for further processing. Secure Business Views allow you to extend the reporting to external dedicated SQL based reporting tools.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Report Writer:

"Report Writer" is part of the openBLUE Professional line of products, developed by KnowledgeBlue LLC.

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