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openBLUE’s Partner Management links different clients to each other allowing them to manage lead distribution, service requests collateral distribution and marketing expenses. It also allows to provide (centralized) services.

Relationship Management Across Servers: Basically, Partner Relations Management provides Customer Relations Management functionality across openBLUE clients/companies. For not connected Partners information is tracked via a web interface. openBLUE exchanges the requests automatically for connected Partners.

Lead Distribution and Tracking: Create leads and distribute them to your partners. You can follow up and monitor progress and results.

Marketing Expense Accounting: Enable your partners to create charge invoices directly.

Collateral Ordering: Enable your partners to order collaterals automatically.

Customer Service Requests & Warranty Requests: Initiate and follow up Service Requests and manage warranty requests.

Shared Services: Provide Services for your Partners (Accounting, Help desk, Shipping, …). As a Service Provider, you get access to just the information, you need for your tasks - but across organizations and clients, so that you can do your job effectively.

Centrally Maintained Information: For your partners, you can maintain central data like Products, Price Lists or Accounting Information. Partners can add additional entities, but cannot change the central maintained elements for consistency

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"Partner / Vendor Management" is part of the openBLUE Professional line of products, developed by KnowledgeBlue LLC.

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