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openBLUE’s Multi-Organization features ensure that different organizational entities can share data or make sure that private data is not accessible by other entities. Sharing data is the prerequisite for centralized functionality, outsourcing, service centers or any enterprise that operates and manages multiple companies.

Many applications have attempted to add this feature, often with inconsistent ‘Organization’ definitions in accounting and distribution. Also, the concept of sharing and private data is often implemented by replicating data with its overhead and synchronization issues.

openBLUE was designed to maintain different organizations and supports three entity levels:

  • System
  • Client
  • Organization-Hierarchy

System level data is mostly infrastructure information, but can also include system-wide business partners, products, accounting schema, etc. The system level is equivalent to the database installation. openBLUE provides tools to synchronize different systems.

Client level data defines information and accounting structure as well as common business partners, products, etc.

The Organization level is the transaction level (i.e. System and Client cannot perform transactions, you need at least one Organization). Organizations can also have their own data and information structure, not shared by other Organizations. Organizations can be structured in hierarchies with the children able to access their parent’s data.

Data on each level can only be entered or modified (if the role you are using has write privileges for that level). You can view and use data of ‘higher’ levels, but not change it. Example: With a System level role, you can access and change System data, but not access or view Client or Organization level data. With an Organization level role, you can use all System or Client defined data, but cannot modify any. A role may allow maintaining multiple levels (e.g. specific Client and specific Organization data).

Certain entities like business partners or products require accounting information. Accounting information is maintained on the client and organization level, but not on system level. If you want to share a system level entity, you need to enter (or default) the accounting information. Without this, the entity is not visible for the organization. This allows an organization to be selective in what to ‘inherit’ and overcomes a major hurdle to sharing data. Many applications have the accounting information as part of the normal attributes of an entity, making it difficult to share or forcing the same information structure among the entities that want to share information.

openBLUE also allows you to reorganize your Organization structure or merge entities.

Service Centers are virtual organizations performing transactions for other organizations. Examples are centralized purchasing or outsourced accounting services. Roles can be set up that allow central departments or external organizations to access the functional area, with access only to the required information. Service centers can access multiple organizations without changing roles, even if the organizations have different information and accounting structures.

openBLUE automatically supports multiple Legal Entity accounting, ensuring that transactions crossing legal entity boundaries are accounted correctly. This can include calculation of cost charges (e.g. selling organization is a different legal entity than the product owning organization).

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