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openBLUE’s Multi-Language, provides an open design to deliver multi-language capability as part of the base product offering. Currently, we offer a series of language packs that can be installed with the provisioning of your service. The following language packs are available:

  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Danish
  • Russian

There are more than 14 other language packs under development including Portuguese (Brazil), Thai, Malay, Swedish, Finnish, Chinese, Vietnamese and several others.

The first step in offering multi-language was to translate the system elements:

  • Screens
  • Reports
  • Messages
  • Seed Data (e.g. status information like Open/Close, etc.)
  • Transactions

Few applications allow you to translate Screens, Reports and Messages, and fewer allow Seed Data and even fewer Transactions.

Next we provided the capability to switch your language as a user of the system:

  • System translatable in one (base) language
  • User can decide, which language to use

Most systems only have one base language, not openBLUE, we wanted to open up the choice of language to you.

Finally, we designed openBLUE to have the ability to create documents in the language of your customer and vendor. Very few applications support this because it requires printing the translated word for ‘Invoice’, and also different address formats, description of products, etc. (see also Multi-Currency for business partner specific currency).

openBLUE allows you to translate all elements, allowing different users to have their screens and reports in their language and allows printing all documents in the format and language of your customer or vendor. As the translation is dictionary based, the translation is much more consistent than other applications with different tool-sets for translating the different elements. As you can see, we designed the application to be open as possible, welcome to openBLUE!

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"Multi-Language" is part of the openBLUE Professional line of products, developed by KnowledgeBlue LLC.

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