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openBLUE Professional

A full ERP system designed by KnowledgeBlue LLC.
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openBLUE™ is the industry’s first and only on-demand open business application that supports your entire company from customer relationship management (CRM) to enterprise resource planning (ERP) to Project / Consulting Services to full Web e-commerce capabilities. openBLUE is the only online application to offer everything, including multiple organizations, multiple currency, multiple accounting, and multiple languages, delivered in a single, open, integrated, on demand service. Additionally, openBlue provides an open Architecture so you can access your own data, your own reports, your own customizations, how you want, when you want.

Popular Functionality Modules

Multi-Accounting openBLUE’s Multi-Accounting allows you to account in multiple, parallel accounting standards. This allows you to maintain parallel accounting for any combination of the…

Multi-Costing openBLUE’s Multi-Costing uses different costing methods (Standard, Average) which can result in different financial results. openBLUE supports using more than one…

Multi-Language openBLUE’s Multi-Language, provides an open design to deliver multi-language capability as part of the base product offering. Currently, we offer a series of language…

Multi-Organization openBLUE’s Multi-Organization features ensure that different organizational entities can share data or make sure that private data is not accessible by other entities.…

Multi-Tax openBLUE’s Multi-Tax supports Sales Tax and Value Added Tax, including multiple taxes (e.g. for Canada). The tax engine determines the correct tax, its amount and date…

Complete Functionality Module List

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