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KnowledgeBlue LLC

A developer of business management software.

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KnowledgeBlue specializes in providing fully integrated ERP/CRM/Projects/E-commerce solutions for the emerging, small and medium enterprise markets.

Our flagship solution openBLUE is offered in three different versions:

  • openBLUE Small Business: Small Business Edition is delivered On Demand, so there is no hardware or software to procure, just one simple, affordable monthly payment. The solution is targeted primarily at small businesses that seek a robust ERP/CRM/Ecommerce solution without the more sophisticated features that are required by larger companies, such as multiple organization accounting, multiple currency, analytics and workflow. Small Business includes basic accounting, payroll, inventory, CRM and ecommerce. It provides a better price point for small businesses and is limited to a maximum of five Users.
  • openBLUE Professional: Is delivered On Demand, so there is no hardware or software to procure just one simple, affordable monthly payment. Professional is our most fully featured service offering and is targeted primarily at medium-sized companies that have several different organizations and divisions. It includes many administrative features that are particularly useful to large, global companies, such as workflow, multiple accounting schemeas, multiple currency, multiple languages. It also has the ability to customize views for different departments and a set of controls that allows a system administrator to designate which users have access and modification rights to the different types of information within the system. It also includes a suite of open API’s that enables companies to readily integrate to our services and applications. It also includes an export service that permits a customer to download all reports and data input by users into a machine-readable format such as XML and CSV.
  • openBLUE Enterprise: Enterprise is targeted primarily at large companies that already have a significant investment in the technology infrastructure and prefer to run openBLUE on their own hardware and software platforms. In most cases, these larger companies also prefer to purchase the software outright as a one-time cost instead of a subscription-based service. The functional characteristics of the Enterprise offering are the same as the Professional.

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