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A developer of business management software.

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Kineticsware was founded on the principle of providing customers industry-specific solutions that improve employee productivity, increase competitive agility and lower operational costs. We share the commitment that Microsoft has made to deliver an information technology and business application platform which are “People Ready“. Our solutions connect our customers in the high technology, consumer goods, and apparel value chains with their employees, suppliers, and channel partners.

As a customer, you are a part of a fundamental shift in the business application market. You demand solutions that deliver the agility and adaptability needed to keep up with the speed of business, to continuously support your priorities as they evolve. You need solutions that harness the productivity of your key employees. You require industry-specific solutions that address your needs not just within the enterprise, but across your value chain.

Existing legacy business applications, built on monolithic, rigid solution architectures, often lock businesses into a difficult choice: maintain their business model to be compliant to the ”standard“ dictated by these systems, or face significant, often unanticipated costs to customize and maintain, all the while leaving users behind.

Customer Focus: we establish a deep understanding of your business objectives and work with you to prioritize a phased implementation that delivers the highest possible return on investment at the lowest risk.

People: our team includes a unique blend of information technology specialists, enterprise software veterans, implementation services professionals, and industry domain experts and operators.

Unique Solutions: our business applications offer unique capabilities that address closed-loop planning and execution processes across the enterprise.

Partner Collaboration: our partner program enables you to benefit from the right mix of competencies and geographic coverage to meet your needs across the Microsoft Dynamics business application platform.

Global Delivery and Support: we address your needs across multiple geographies, divisions, and lines of business, both today and into the future.

Performance-Based Engagement: with mutual agreement around a shared business case, we establish specific performance goals that increase our accountability.

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