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integrate \In“te*grate\: To form into one whole; to make entire; to complete; to renew; to restore; to perfect.

Streamlining Your Business Process

KHAMELEON financial and accounting applications are integrated to link seamlessly with all other applications in our system. This built-in interoperability enables you to easily extend the management of your business processes across all operating systems.

KHAMELEON technology streamlines and simplifies the process of business management tasks. Our specialized ‘workflow’ software controls the task of delivering work to your employees in charge, according to your predefined processes and business rules. And our applications help you automate complicated business processes, offering a huge potential for improvement. The core of KHAMELEON’s integrated system is the Financials application. But the seamless integration of Financials to the operational areas of your business is what simplifies the process of planning, managing, and controlling your enterprise.

Your Choice: Stand Alone or Integrated

KHAMELEON’s product line is available as stand alone modules supporting specific operations and accounting functionality or as a fully integrated enterprise management system. We give you the option of choosing which applications you want to mix and match, according to your specific needs. And by owning KHAMELEON’s full suite of applications, you are guaranteed on-going maintenance and enhancements from only one vendor.

KHAMELEON develops and supports business management applications that simplify the management and control of financials and operations. By streamlining your project management, financial controls, sales force, service desk, product distribution, and contracts processes, KHAMELEON helps you decrease costs, increase profit, and improve customer satisfaction. Our customers represent a broad-range of mid-sized organizations – all running on Oracle® - the premier database technology for the Internet.

Focus on Your Business Results

With KHAMELEON, information bottlenecks…duplicated data entry…non-compliance issues…missed deadlines…time-consuming reports…and disparate systems are alleviated, enabling you to focus on your business results instead of your process problems. Connect your business enterprise, end-to-end, with KHAMELEON’s adaptable, integrated enterprise management software.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with The Integrated System:

"The Integrated System" is part of the Khameleon line of products, developed by Khameleon Software.