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Manage Customer Expectations

Every company today is seeking a better way to maintain control over the process of workflow or ‘Projects’. The KHAMELEON Projects suite not only simplifies the way you bill your customers but also assures you receive accurate information at any point in the lifecycle of a project. This enables you to be proactive in the management of your customers’ expectations by staying on-time and on-budget – both of which offer the highest value to your customer.

Project Management - Simplified

KHAMELEON simplifies the delivery of project-specific data from all operations areas to give you tighter control over your workflow process, as well as automatically generate the billing associated with it. Remote time and expense entry is an added feature that simplifies the process of obtaining timely and accurate financial reporting data because field personnel and subcontractors can update system information from anywhere, at any time.

Stay on Track

Accurate and timely billing is critical to the financial success of any company but the client billing process can be extremely labor-intensive when you have to manage and track different billing cycles and contract types. KHAMELEON Projects adapts easily to the types of contracts you write and maintain. When you enter a new client order in the KHAMELEON system, you define the terms you want to use for the project work that follows. Then, the on-line custom invoice generator creates the invoices you need, based on progress billings, time and material, and change orders. And our Projects suite automates your billing requirements with advanced revenue and cost recognition.

Protect Your Customer Relationship

Projects change. That’s a given. The challenge is in being able manage on-going modifications without creating bottlenecks that slow down your workflow. KHAMELEON Projects enables your projects to develop on-time and on-budget by providing a view of the change being made and the impact it will have on a project – before it’s already in place. We simplify your management process by providing a single source view of the details being entered into the system, from all areas of operation. Being able to view a change order before it’s approved protects the customer relationship you worked so hard to obtain and assures the customer’s perception that their budget and schedule are well managed.

A Realistic Snapshot

KHAMELEON Projects provides effective and accurate project status tracking with a realistic snapshot of current progress. You can manage and track your job activity at multiple levels – for any given time frame and any customer or contract type. It also supports the costing of projects by integrating job setup, project management, budgeting, and progress or change management. Flexibility – in being able to view all aspects of a project – provides the tight control you need to avoid bottlenecks that slow down your workflow, cut unnecessary operating costs, and increase margins on both existing and forthcoming projects. Whether you sell customized or recurring products and services, Projects provides critical functionality for planning, monitoring, and maintaining control over projects, so you can keep your customers informed and satisfied.

Application Features & Functionality

  • Business Development
  • Project Oriented Engagements
  • Estimating and Planning
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Time and Expense Reporting
  • Progress Management
  • Accounting and Billing
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Cost Management
  • P&L Analysis

Other Applications

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"Project Management" is part of the Khameleon line of products, developed by Khameleon Software.