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Flexible and Simplified

KHAMELEON Orders & Distribution streamlines the process of managing even the most complex customer orders. Products and services providers have unique order processing needs – such as maintaining different pricing for different customers – making sure inventory supports customer demand – maintaining billing and revenue recognition standards for both transaction-based and fee-based recurring agreements – maintaining tight control over the processes of forecasting, sales order entry, product data quality, product distribution and more. These processes require the flexibility of our Orders suite, enabling you to simplify and streamline your management process while generating a high return on investment.

Making the Right Connections

The key to effective order management lies in the ability to link order details across the operational and financial areas of your organization. Our system integration of the Orders, Financials, and Projects suites enables on-line, real-time access to all details supporting critical financial decisions and customer satisfaction, with increased efficiency and maintenance of data integrity. While the Orders suite effectively manages orders with multiple line items, multiple order changes and other drill down information supporting order activity, this information is also delivered to our integrated Financials and Projects suites for further processing. And by linking Orders & Distribution with our Contracts suite, a Master Contract function provides a single source view of the summarized, on-going activity for all orders relating to an individual customer contract.

Do More, Know More, Save More

KHAMELEON Orders & Distribution helps you improve cost control, accountability, and accessibility to information. Single or group orders, with transaction-based or recurring contracts involved, become easy to setup, enter, and track during any stage in the lifecycle of an order. This suite also enables you to locate and update work orders based on job/cost center, customer number, manager, work order status, or any other criteria you choose to include for a specific business model. And you can streamline the order approval process by integrating with email.

This suite provides the flexibility you need to automate all order-related functions – like pricing, inventory control, stock valuation, picking process control, forecasting, product data quality, sales order entry, sales order processing and of course, customer billing. You can also study the effectiveness of your pricing strategies by linking promotions to specific general ledger accounts for more precise budget and/or margin analysis.

Data Integrity Drives Good Business

The superior integration of the Orders & Distribution suite with Financials, Projects, and Contracts enables you to easily maintain the accuracy of your operational and financial data. The need for data re-entry across different areas of your company and its resulting risk of error is alleviated. And because you get a single source view of updated activity, from across your enterprise, when an order changes – you know about it immediately. This allows you to forecast and plan for order changes more efficiently, with less impact on your bottom line. Our fully integrated system increases customer satisfaction by delivering accurate details that consistently meet your customers’ expectations. And KHAMELEON also makes it easy to maintain a healthy customer relationships by delivering the products and services they want, when they want them!

Application Features & Functionality

  • Sales Order Processing
  • Order Fulfillment and Billing
  • Project-Oriented Engagements
  • Inventory Management
  • Replenishment Management
  • Lot/Serial Number Control
  • Warranties, Repairs, and Returns
  • Requisitions and Vendors Quotes
  • Procurement Management
  • Receiving and Vendor Performance
  • Multi-Entity, Multi Discipline
  • Fulfillment Management
  • Revenue Recognition, Billing, and Accounting

Other Applications

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"Orders & Distribution Management" is part of the Khameleon line of products, developed by Khameleon Software.