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Visibility and Compliance

At KHAMELEON, we know that one of the greatest challenges facing today’s financial executives lies in the ability to collect accurate and timely financial data from other areas of the organization. And getting financial information in a consistent, reliable format is impossible without being able to establish system links into operational areas. The means by which today’s mid-sized businesses achieve and maintain visibility and compliance depends on the capabilities of a strong financials management system.

Connect Your Company

KHAMELEON has built its entire system of integrated, enterprise management applications around the strength of our Financials suite. That long list of accounting details – such as balance sheets, GAAP, income statements – requires a robust, flexible process system to keep everything on track. Our Financials suite helps you easily allocate budgets, pay the bills, invoice clients, manage your finances, and more. And because it’s integrated with every other KHAMELEON suite, you can easily extend your business processes to interface with those of your customers and suppliers.

The Impact of Day-to-Day Activities

The Financials suite also enables you to quickly adapt as products, markets, and supplier relationships change. By simply redefining your business process definitions and workflow, your execution of financial data is summarized to your new organization — without disrupting operations or endangering inventory and general ledger history and integrity.

Increase Revenue, Profit, and ROI

Your accounting process is fully integrated with orders, contracts, and projects administration, to enable the accurate forecasting, monitoring, and control of your financial performance. And the streamlined, on-line management of customer and vendor accounts, billings, and payments helps you control credit and cash flows that ultimately increase your revenues, profits and return on investment.

Application Features & Functionality

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Employee Expense Accounting
  • Budgeting And Forecasting

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Financials Management:

"Financials Management" is part of the Khameleon line of products, developed by Khameleon Software.