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Improve the consistency of project management processes, forecast cost and revenue more accurately and analyze and monitor risk more effectively.

KeyedIn™ Projects provides a comprehensive solution for project management. It incorporates standard online project management software tools – such as Gantt charts, risk registers and status reports – making it highly usable and flexible. But crucially, it links all the different aspects of a project together, in a single solution that increases your ability to drive project success.

Plan and execute

Consign multiple scattered spread sheets to history. KeyedIn Projects not only gives you all the tools you need to plan a project – building schedules, budgets and task lists – but also supports you throughout delivery. You can see what’s happening where, and when, and understand exactly how the project is progressing against the plans you made.

Record and report

Keeping track of time and budget is an essential part of project management success. KeyedIn Projects includes an intuitive time recording tool, with flexible timesheets, that means there’s no excuse for your team not submitting on time. Then you can create ad hoc or scheduled reports with the latest details.

Integrate and collaborate

KeyedIn Projects integrates seamlessly with other enterprise software, including ERP and CRM, eliminating duplication of data entry. It also provides intuitive web-based project collaboration features, that ensure the whole team has access to the information they need, and offering a forum for discussing and resolving issues.

Alert and adapt

You can set up your own alerts for the risks that matter most – and when things change, KeyedIn Projects help you adapt. Move a deadline on a task, and the rest of the project documentation can automatically update too, including to-do lists and individual schedules. Less effort, more impact.

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