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The integrated program management software within KeyedIn™ Projects offers a broad range of tools and features to underpin effective program management, over and above KeyedIn Projects core project management functionality.

By providing a single, consolidated view of every task, status, cost and deliverable, KeyedIn Projects empowers program managers with the information they need, in the way they need it. Whether that’s simply tracking risks, benefits and overall progress across inter-connected projects, rapidly drilling down to identify potential issues or analyzing the precise detail of individual tasks within individual projects, KeyedIn Projects offers a range of tools to improve project governance and enable early intervention to avert project failure.

Standardize and scrutinize

To keep track of a multi-project program, you need standard reports and indicators that make it easy to monitor progress. KeyedIn Projects allows you to introduce and (where necessary) impose standardized ways of working, such as templates for reports, so you can scrutinize every detail in the way you need to.

Analyze and adapt

A seemingly innocuous change in one project can derail a wider program. When change requests come in, KeyedIn Projects makes it easy to assess their impact. Identify exactly who and what would be affected, and how. Then model different scenarios and options to find the least disruptive solution. Then, easily update program documents within KeyedIn Projects: enter data once and it’s rolled out across the whole program.

Implement and improve

Introduce new ways of working that make a tangible difference to project and program success. From automated billing to customizable alerts to more usable timesheets, KeyedIn Projects helps you make simple but effective changes across the business.

Co-ordinate and control

KeyedIn Projects not only provides you with the management dashboard that helps you see what’s going on across each project, it also gives you the ability to act. From a single central point, you can log issues, create resolution plans, assign actions and rapidly reallocate resources from across the business to keep the overall program on track.

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