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It’s time for professional services organizations to wrestle back control. To increase visibility of every project in their portfolio. To manage risk more effectively. To make more effective use of resources – deploying talent more strategically to maximize productivity and chargeability.

With KeyedIn™ Projects, that’s exactly what you can do. KeyedIn Projects is a fully integrated professional services automation software solution designed to help you improve every aspect of project delivery. Connecting easily with your existing systems, KeyedIn Projects gives you the control and insight you need to ensure resources are used strategically, risks addressed, and costs managed tightly throughout.

KeyedIn Projects offers all the benefits of PSA software, within a broader solution that also supports team collaboration and executive reporting. You can select which processes you want to automate, and customise steps within them.

Automate and accelerate

By automating a host of core processes involved in service delivery, KeyedIn Projects helps cut the time spent on everyday project admin and accelerate tasks such as financial reporting and billing. As soon as certain user-defined thresholds are reached, the next stage in the process is triggered – whether that’s creating an invoice or sending instructions to a specific team member.

Capture and control

As well as offering comprehensive time and expense recording, capturing the latest information about every task, KeyedIn Projects gives project and program managers the ability to act on the knowledge: escalating problems, implementing changes.

Analyze and optimize

By gathering every detail about every project in a single solution, KeyedIn Projects helps you analyze which processes are causing delays and where resources are being under-utilized or over-stretched. You can then optimize the project by introducing process changes to address these issues.

Calculate and charge

KeyedIn Projects supports multiple billing types including time & materials billing, fixed price billing, capped billing, milestone billing, advance billing and repeat billing. The system is highly configurable, and supports ad hoc invoicing as well as complex chargeability calculations.

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