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KeyedIn Projects

A web‑based multi‑module management system designed by KeyedIn Solutions for manufacturing companies.
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From bidding to billing, projects to programs, board executives to teams in the field, KeyedIn™ Projects operates at every stage of the project lifecycle, empowering managers with the information they need to deliver successful projects, time after time.

KeyedIn Projects combines powerful project management software with program and portfolio management capabilities to deliver a comprehensive solution that drives project success. It:

  • offers intuitive and flexible tools for project planning, helping you identify resource requirements, devise schedules and build accurate estimates using built-in, customizable templates
  • provides a centralized project workspace for each project, enabling your project teams to collaborate more effectively
  • includes user-friendly forms for recording time and expenses. All details are automatically updated so project managers can constantly monitor budgets and project progress
  • automates billing and other time-consuming management tasks, reducing the admin burden on project managers.

Together, these features give project managers comprehensive visibility of every detail of their project, from a single, usable interface. But crucially, this same centralized store of project information also underpins program management. It:

  • supports reporting to executive level, offering a range of customizable dashboards and indicators to help monitor project and program risk at different levels
  • facilitates organization-wide resource management, giving a true view of current commitments and chargeability
  • strengthens your ability to cope with changes – helping you assess the impact on the cost and schedule of individual projects, and wider programs
  • underpins strategic project selection.

Designed from the outset as a true SaaS solution, KeyedIn Projects is secure, scalable and flexible, and integrates seamlessly with other enterprise tools. Because it’s delivered via the cloud, there’s no CapEx, no lengthy implementation program and no complex upgrades.

Instead, the combination of software usability and SaaS delivery means you could be up and running with KeyedIn Projects in literally a matter of days.

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