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Use KeyedIn Manufacturing to streamline your production processes from the back office to the shop floor. The real time view allows you to make smarter use of resources to improve job scheduling.

  • Multi-level bill of materials
  • Full work order traveler
  • Engineering change and revision control
  • Lean manufacturing and inventory processes

Optimize production – manage resources and automate simple steps with KeyedIn’s MRP software

Many manufacturers are still working with different systems that require double entry – duplicating effort and increasing the risk of manual error. In response, they introduce labor-intensive processes, further increasing the effort. KeyedInTM Manufacturing eliminates that whole problem. It’s a single system for the entire operation so once a task is flagged complete, it can automatically help the business move to the next stage: generating paperwork and alerts as required. So when an estimate is approved, sales orders are created; when production is finished, shipping is alerted.

That single platform also provides a single view of resource use – particularly on the shop floor. You can see exactly who is engaged on what projects, and which resources they’re using. This resource capacity planning feature means you can easily adjust staffing levels or reallocate people when there’s a delay or a deadline is approaching. The shop floor team themselves can also plan ahead more effectively, and record time and materials directly into the core system so you can be alerted immediately as you approach budget thresholds. The result? Fewer rush jobs, fewer unplanned gaps in production and a more efficient operation overall.

When costs are kept lean, your customers are happy and your business grows.

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