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With KeyedIn ™ Manufacturing cost and price estimating software, you can create accurate and comprehensive quotes in minutes.

  • Faster, more accurate estimates
  • Easily convert estimates to sales orders
  • Copy quote and template functionality
  • Dynamic to-do lists and status reports

Quoting and estimating processes have become vital prerequisites for reducing time, costs, and errors at different levels of the production chain. The more knowledge you have about your true production costs, the more accurately you can calculate profit margins.

KeyedIn Manufacturing cost estimating software enables small and mid-sized manufacturers to calculate and provide the best prices and maintain consistency in quoting, time after time.

It allows you to see your margins in real time as you develop your estimate, so you can maximize profit – or simply verify that a new job will be viable and profitable for the business.

KeyedIn Manufacturing accommodates the needs of a large spectrum of manufacturers that depend on accurate Bills of Materials and detailed reports to streamline their operations. With KeyedIn Manufacturing, you can:

  • Produce faster, more accurate estimates
  • Easily convert estimates to sales
  • Benefit from copy and template functionality for consistency
  • Integrate with other tasks: dynamic to-do lists and status reports

Simplify quote creation

Whether you are estimating for a single complex item or thousands of items, KeyedIn Manufacturing provides flexibility so you can quote fast and accurately.

Users can keep a close eye on operation costs, establish component or task prices, and compare the costs of production using different machines or processes. Once you’ve decided which to use, you can then create assemblies, view history, create and email purchase orders for subcontractors, attach external documents, and calculate overall costs.

The solution is easy to use and simplifies the estimating and quoting process while helping companies reduce errors.

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