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Kewill e-Biz Manager

A web‑based software system designed by Kewill ERP for distribution/wholesale trade and marketing companies.
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Kewill eBiz-Manager is your complete business integration solution, allowing you to connect with all your trading partners, regardless of how many you have and what their IT systems and capabilities are. Kewill’s eBiz-Manager can handle any volume and variety of information, and will be completely customizable to your company and your clients. With this product you can automate business processes and incorporate trading partners into these automated processes. The process of integrating your trading partners requires great customization, because anytime a partner changes their processes, your business integration solution must adequately adjust.

This product is available for a license fee and provides you with a tightly integrated system of applications that allows you to exchange business information electronically with internal systems, business partners, trading communities and customers. This software package will connect any system to any other system using any data format. This integration will improve business collaboration and enable trading communities to operate as virtual enterprises.

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