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Kenandy re-envisions ERP: enterprise management built for the social cloud.

The way companies bring products to market is changing. Dramatically. Vertically integrated manufacturing has given way to horizontal networks where product companies work with suppliers, contract manufacturers, and fulfillment centers to bring products to market. While product companies may only do the design, branding and marketing of the products, they still need the tools to plan, manage and - most importantly - collaborate with these networks for efficiency and time to market.

Big ERP systems simply haven’t evolved with the challenge—they’re costly, complex, multi-module systems that impede rather than foster collaboration. Unless you pay more, they’re not mobile. They’re difficult to connect with suppliers. Forget social.

Kenandy decided to rethink ERP for a better way. And we’ve delivered it - a new kind of application in the cloud. It’s built specifically for companies that work together to design, manufacture, and distribute products in today’s world of global, distributed operations.

Built 100% natively on Force.com, salesforce.com’s social enterprise cloud computing platform, Kenandy leverages the platform’s amazingly flexible social, mobile, and open features, bringing a use-just-what-you-need approach together with social network capabilities to meet today’s business challenges. The Kenandy applications include inventory management, engineering, purchasing, production, resource planning, order management, and complete financials for true enterprise management in the cloud.

With no software or hardware to own, no horrific future upgrades, the secure, on-demand Kenandy application enables product companies and their manufacturing and distribution partners to be everything they want to be: lean, agile, collaborative, and innovative.

Welcome to our world—the new collaborative world of enterprise management in the cloud.

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