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Kempf and Associates

A developer of business management software.

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Since 1979 Kempf and Associates has assisted small business and large corporations with technology issues ranging from implementation and training for 3rd party software solutions, personnel training, to design and implementation of complete custom data solutions in networked environments.

Assisting manufacturers we have designed and implemented integrated systems managing inventory from purchasing and receiving through the manufacturing process to the sale of the completed product to customers with complete tracking by lot numbers assigned on receiving to lot numbers assigned by manufacturing the final product.

Working closely with accountants we have developed and supported Accounting departments with solutions for their needs to accurately track costs and product in varied environments.

Working side by side with medical staff we have designed, produced and implemented solutions for tracking medical care and medical supplies with documentation needed to support Medicare billing.

Working with many small business to protect their data with networked backup systems and procedures to store data automatically of and on site.

Setup, manage and oversee small business network environments providing employee access via the internet.

Managing information is an ever-changing challenge for business. We provide solutions which will allow your business to gain a distinct advantage over your competitors by satisfying TODAY’s information needs through flexible software and data collection systems.

Because of the unique design of our proprietary data collection engine, when your information needs change so does your solution. Sometimes on the same day!

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    A multi-module management system designed by Kempf and Associates for retail trade companies.

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