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AGORA Events Manager

A multi‑module management system designed by BGE Enterprises for accounting/legal/professional and associations companies.
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AGORA Events Manager was designed from the ground up to facilitate the process of planning, managing and executing successful tradeshows, seminars, symposiums and various other events. AGORA Events Manager streamlines the entire event management process by organizing, tracking and managing detailed activity, exhibitor, attendee, vendor, resource, personnel, marketing and financial information. Because AGORA Events Manager integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Great Plains, organizations can leverage a single solution for all of their financial and event management needs.

Financial Management & Reporting

From entering orders to generating invoices … all of your financial processes can be streamlined using AGORA and Microsoft Great Plains Business Solutions. All front office activities are managed by AGORA and all back office accounting information is stored directly within your Microsoft Great Plains Business Solution.

Within the Accounts Payable portion of Microsoft Great Plains, you can link expenses to specific activities or events. Using the budgeting feature you can easily track estimated vs. actual expenses to track the cost of each and every event or activity within the system.

AGORA generates invoices and processes them on the fly using Microsoft Great Plains’ Sales Order Processing (SOP) engine. Once a SOP invoice is posted within Microsoft Great Plains the amount is automatically transferred to the appropriate account. Payments are entered directly into Microsoft Great Plains’ Cash Entry Window at registration or as checks are received. Deposits can be entered as cash receipts, marked as a liability and then tagged to a specific customer.

AGORA also tracks deferred and recognized revenue and produces detailed Profit and Loss Reports for each event or activity entered in the system.

To ensure you have the information you need to make quick business decisions, AGORA Events Manager comes with several management and financial reports. In addition to the standard reports, you can create custom reports to meet specific needs you may have using popular applications such as FRx and Crystal Reports.

Popular Functionality Modules

Exhibitor, Attendee, & Vendor Management With AGORA Events Manager you can easily track and manage detailed exhibitor, attendee and vendor related information. All of the information you need to access regarding…

Resource & Personnel Management The personnel you manage may include employees, partners, presenters, vendors, catering staff, etc. Virtually any resource or personnel information can be tracked and stored…

Event Management & Registration With AGORA Events Manager, you have a 360 degree business solution that will help you manage critical sales, marketing, operations and accounting processes throughout your…

Marketing Automation & Prospect/Client Management AGORA Events Manager stores and organizes prospect and attendee profile information for marketing purposes. The system automates the entire process of planning and executing…

eTransaction More and more event management companies are using the Internet to communicate and conduct transactions with exhibitors, partners and attendees on-line. With the AGORA…

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