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K9 ERP Software

A developer of software designed for small-businesses in the distribution industry.

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K9 ERP is designed to give your small/medium size business the enterprise-level software features you need to be successful at an affordable cost. We are able to keep the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) low with a fast-track implementation cycle and subscription-based pricing.

You can use just the features you need to start and expand into the other features as needed. K9 ERP software provides a full accounting software package with all other modules that make it a complete business management software for any size business. All of the features a company requires to function at optimum efficiency are included. No add-ons, no additional module or multi-company fees. The ability to use K9 ERP in the cloud or host it internally on premise makes K9 ERP flexible to meet everyone’s needs.

Advanced features within K9 ERP include:

  • Affordability for any size business
  • Advanced outbound and inbound logistics
  • Lot numbers, Serial numbers and Matrix Capabilities
  • Automated Perpetual Cost Of Goods Sold
  • Advanced Workflow and Security
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Customizable Reports throughout all modules

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