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Whether a food processor or distributor (or both), inventory control is at the heart of your business’s success. As your largest cost, you need to manage it tightly. JustFoodERP’s inventory management capability is well tailored to address the needs of the food industry. JustFoodERP knows that your inventory has a shorter shelf life than bicycle parts and we understand that the consequences of poor rotation, visibility, or traceability has a direct effect on consumer safety. As such, our approach to inventory management is the best in the industry.

Shipping & Receiving

  • Receiving functionality linked to Purchase Orders. Blind Receive for quantity to ensure your receivers are counting.
  • Quality Audits on Receipt including hold process, truck inspection, and any other checks required dependent on vendor or item.
  • Link paperwork electronically to receipt.
  • Receive manually or through the aid of wireless scanning devices.
  • Print labels at time of receipt.
  • Receive by case or track by pallet.
  • Support catch weights for receiving. Track a distinct unit of measure on receipt from other units of measure used by the system.
  • Vendor compliance and exceptions are automatically recorded.
  • Put-away rules based on allergens, kosher, or other handling/storing requirements.
  • Pick for shipments manually or by handheld device.
  • Break inventory bulk for pick process.
  • Pick using single scan barcode license plates.
  • Support items that require specific paperwork such as CofA, or proof of incubation.


  • Provides ability to manage two important aspects of Logistics Planning: Shipment Load Consolidation, and Logistics Run Planning.
  • Shipment Load Consolidation helps combine sales orders that are ready to be shipped.
  • Orders are consolidated based on a number of criteria including weight, cubage, etc.
  • Logistics Run Planning defines the transportation route that a shipment agent should follow for successful delivery.
  • Logistics Run Planning takes advantage of Microsoft’s Bing Map Service.
  • Optional integration to freight rate shopping for Fedex or UPS.
  • Support integration to RoadNet™.

Inventory Visibility

  • Access inventory location information from anywhere in the system; Sales Order, Item Card, etc.
  • Track inventory at location, zone, bin (rack) and container (pallet, tote, tub) level.
  • Inventory Availability in addition to Quantity on Hand provides users access to Forecasted Availability. Useful for planning or committing inventory.
  • Inventory information can be drilled down upon to see inventory by lot and expiry.
  • Expiration Analysis provides visibility on inventory that is in warning, or expired. Warning and Expiration defined by parameters on the item card.
  • First Expiry principals can be enforced for picking and consumption.
  • Visibility on “partials” to ensure that partial bags/cases/pallets are used first, unless certain conditions such as same lot full pallet orders, etc.
  • Inventory lookups available on handheld or mobile devices.
  • Physical and cycle counts available on handheld devices.

JF Floor (WMS)

Based on the Web Services capability of JustFoodERP, JF Floor represents the ability to manage bin level inventory transactions through RF and mobile devices connected wirelessly to the network. Functions include:

  • Purchase Order Receiving.
  • Warehouse Receiving.
  • Warehouse Put-away.
  • Warehouse Pick.
  • Warehouse Shipping.
  • Dynamic Move.
  • Physical Inventory Counts.
  • Quality Audit.
  • Bin Replenishment.
  • Product Lookup.
  • Production Output.
  • Label Printing.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory Management:

"Inventory Management" is part of the JustFoodERP line of products, developed by JustFoodERP.