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Since 2004, the team at JustFoodERP has developed over 100,000 hours of added features to the NAV platform. That’s about 500 new features each year added in a variety of areas including manufacturing, planning, sales, marketing, quality, warehousing, inventory management, and trade promotion management.

To put that in perspective, out of the box, NAV has about 3000 objects (basically bits of code that are assembled into the ERP solution). JustFoodERP has doubled this layer, essentially creating or making changes to 3000 objects. When a customer buys JustFoodERP, they are essentially getting twice as much functionality as they would get from base NAV. All of that functionality is specific to the needs of the food industry.

Some of the features of JustFoodERP include batch processing and shop floor controls, as well as a powerful planning engine that’s integrated directly with a demand forecasting system. The software’s food safety functionality includes complete lot traceability and quality audits. It also offers real-time inventory management as well as shipping and logistics management.

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