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A developer of business management software designed for the real estate industry.

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The Property Manager release 4 provides complete support for the property management enterprise. Tenant tracking, income and expense tracking, vendor tracking, workorders, budgeting, and a comprehensive accounting module are available.

In addition, the package provides a substantial number of built-in reports, with a powerful query engine that permits the user to define a query based upon any criteria to extract any data in the database in any fashion the user needs.

For the small property management company, we provide a system that is full-featured, based on the cash flow management system. Corporate users will appreciate our Corporate edition, with its complete double entry bookkeeping system and the ability to manage over 32,000 different checking, savings, revolving charge, or vendor accounts.

We provide extensive export capability with all versions of the package. Import capability is available with certain upgrade choices.

Our Developer version takes configurability to a new level for the medium to large property management organization; your IT department may modify our forms, add your own code, or modify our program branching - all while interfacing with your existing SQL environment.

The Property Manager Release 4 is flexible, configurable, and easy to use on a day to day basis. This is the choice that you will not outgrow.

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