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Project Control Features

  • Define a flexible management structure with task and responsibility assignment.
  • Assess and establish budgets for new projects.
  • Modify and/or add different project levels and project cost items.
  • Print out project control lists according to selected criteria.
  • Set up basic or sophisticated project billing methods, by unit (hourly) invoicing rate, cost-plus or fixed markup.
  • Automatically distribute inter-company and inter-departmental charges for easy follow-up on joint projects.
  • Distribute project transactions in foreign currency.
  • Automatically enter inter-departmental costs for staff-lending.
  • Track the progress of your projects in terms of hours, costs and/or budgeted revenue.
  • Recognize revenues based on incurred cost transactions (i.e. time and expenses), recognize periodically based on project progress, incurred cost/time/elapsed time, or simply recognize at invoicing.
  • Track and control projects by their generated revenue as well as the actual cost of each transaction such as direct costs, employee benefits specific to each staff member, overhead, income, and discounts.
  • Accurately measure work team productivity by determining the time allocated to complete projects, including hours billable to the client and different non-billable hours paid to employees.
  • Create productivity reports to analyze employee performance individually, by group, and by profit center.
  • Create various reports on project management, by project executive and/or coordinator.
  • Create various control reports on project analysis, work in progress, profitability, etc.
  • View transactions, costs, and invoicing by cost item, vendor, employee or client.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Project Control:

"Project Control" is part of the JOVACO Project Suite line of products, developed by JOVACO Solutions.