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JOVACO Solutions

A developer of management software designed for mid-market businesses.

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A consulting partner for entrepreneurs since 1983

Company philosophy

Since its inception, JOVACO has had the mission to guarantee its clients services in consulting, development, implementation, and support for the reliable and efficient operation of management systems. With that goal in mind, our team has defined basic values that guide our decisions and motivate our actions.

The partnership

More than just a reseller, JOVACO partners with its clients to allow them to benefit from their investment. By collaborating with the main actors of the client company, JOVACO is able to intervene in all implementation and operation phases of the implemented system, thereby developing a long-term relationship with the client.

Excellence in Service

At JOVACO, excellence consists of giving our clients high-level services with competence and professionalism. Our quality standards are defined by solid values such as know-how, commitment, and innovation.

Integrity in all our business relations

At JOVACO, integrity in business is provided by ensuring transparency in our interventions with clients, by meeting the deadlines and conditions of our mandates, and by offering performing business solutions.

JOVACO History

The history of JOVACO begins with the introduction of personal computers on the market in the early 1980s. In 1983, IBM marketed its PC XT—a personal computer with 128 kilobytes RAM—for $5000 US and the first Microsoft mouse was sold for $200 US. In the same year, Jean-Claude Coutu, a chartered accountant, founded JOVACO to assist small and medium-sized businesses in computerizing their business. (He named JOVACO after his children Jonathan and Valérie Coutu.)

At first, the company distributed, under the JOVACO name, an accounting software from the United States, which it translated and adapted to the Quebec context. From the outset, JOVACO implemented a unique management model and provided what no other company offered back then: full-range services for the operation of management systems.

By the late 1980s, the retail sector, then a main niche for JOVACO, was severely hit by the recession. However, thanks to the entrepreneurial vision of its president, JOVACO dared to break into a new market, namely that of project management.

JOVACO’s success in this new field was achieved with a software that allowed for the integrated management of accounting data and project data. What seemed like a simple solution for Jean-Claude Coutu was to revolutionize the world of management: JOVACO Project Suite, the first integrated project management solution in Canada, saw the light! Very commonplace today, these ERP solutions were entirely unknown at the time. The software was soon adopted by many major Quebec engineering consulting firms, among them BPR, Génivar, and CIMA. More than forty other firms also followed their footsteps.

To the extent to which JOVACO Project Suite evolved, its use was extended to professional service firms, among them communications and marketing firms, consulting services in business informatics, research, and architecture, as well as non-profit organizations. More recently, the software package served as a development base for another integrated solution for the made-to-order industry.

The 1990s then brought the arrival of Windows and object-oriented language that made waves in the world of computers. JOVACO, again demonstrating business savvy, invested significantly in the training of its staff to provide them the necessary tools for pursuing the path of innovation.

Concurrently to the development of Project Suite, JOVACO continued making a name for itself as a consulting services firm, implementing hundreds of management systems for various business sectors: production houses, distribution firms, retailers, as well as religious communities.

In a strategic move in 1996, JOVACO partnered with Great Plains Software (today Microsoft Business Solutions) and Microsoft and abandoned the Unix/Novell environments. Growing beyond its local market, JOVACO has opened its doors to the world. In the age of Internet, free exchange, and international competition, JOVACO is continually adapting its products and developing new ones. Our softwares are multilingual, multi-currency, multi-company, and allow for e-commerce and online data consultation. Lastly, they integrate all recognized technological standards.

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