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Within the Jonas System, there are several different reporting tools offered. Each is tailored to assist in the retrieval of data from your system, enabling your club’s management team and staff to confidently make key decisions.

Executive Dashboard

The Executive Dashboard application provides users with the ability to obtain high-level overviews of key business metrics via predefined report and inquiry formats. In addition, users have the option to configure certain financial-based data for customized reports.

Data Mining

The Data Mining tool allows for the export of General Ledger and Club/Point Of Sale data elements to pre-defined MS Access tables (via an MS Access ODBC connection). There are two separate screens - one for General Ledger fields and one for the Club/Point Of Sale fields. Users are able to choose from a wide variety of pre-calculated fields, such as Current Actual, Budgets, YTD, Last Year, various Membership and Sales criteria, and much more. Once the field selections have been made, the user can review the results and send the data to MS Access tables for further analysis and distribution.

Flash Reporting

Flash Reporting provides a drag-and-drop approach to report design in an Excel-like environment. This tool features an Outlook-style menu showcasing which areas of the Jonas Club Management System users are able to select data from. When a application is selected, a user can drag and drop any pre-defined field (i.e.chit sales, YTD actual, etc.) into the appropriate ce

Financial Statement Generator

The Financial Statement Generator allows for the creation of formatted financial statements, daily quick reports, and detailed spreadsheets. The design consists of various setup screens that control which General Ledger elements will print on statements (i.e. actual, budgets, variance), headings, totals, and more.

Master Generator

The Master Generator application allows for the creation of formatted reports containing data from General Ledger, Point Of Sale, and Time Keeper. Users can easily create and store calculated fields and replace the previous year’s budget information with the current budget. The design template is a row/column-based approach. Users can also consolidate financial statements from multiple clubs or companies.

F9 Master Listing

This reporting function allows for the printing of data that is contained within Master Files. When viewing a Master File input screen, the operator simply presses the ‘F9’ key. The Reporting Tool is then launched, and the user can choose from a pre-defined report or select his/her own criteria to generate a detailed report.

Silent Partner

This tool resembles the ‘Microsoft Task Scheduler’. This is not a reporting tool per se and may be termed a ‘Reporting Partner Application’. It allows the user to schedule the automatic generation of Club Report Generator reports, Club Inventory Suggested Reorder reports, General Ledger Trial Balance reports, Club Member Change Status reports, and Data Mining exports.

SQL Data Mining

The SQL Data Mart, or SDM, is an SQL database that partners with your core Jonas Club Management System in order to facilitate third-party report development (Crystal Reports, Excel, etc.). The SDM consists of tables and fields that are conducive to third-party report development tasks (via any ODBC compliant application) and data synchronization processes. The SDM is updated in real time when routine transactions, such as chit processing, are performed by users. As a result, third-party reports and/or data sync processes that users design will update instantaneously.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Reporting:

"Reporting" is part of the Jonas Club Management line of products, developed by Jonas Construction Software.