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Sales is about three main things. It’s about knowing your product well in order to support a convincing pitch. It’s about discovering and managing leads. And, it’s about understanding the fact that you can’t sell what you don’t have. So really, sales is about making promises and managing expectations about those promises, particularly since you’re not actually the one delivering on those promises - your production team is.

ParagonERP, like many other CRM systems, manages leads and communications with prospective clients. More importantly, ParagonERP facilitates the sales process by giving you visibility on what is going on in the background, so you can make promises that you’ll actually be able to keep.

ParagonERP won’t help you make a perfect sales pitch but it will let you keep track of what’s in the warehouse, what’s in production, and what’s on the shelf. That way you can confidently make promises to customers because you know you’ll be able to deliver on those promises.

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"Sales" is part of the ParagonERP line of products, developed by Jonar Systems.

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