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The key to product design is translation. At its core, it’s about understanding the needs of consumers and designing products to meet those needs. More specifically, it’s about bridging the gap between conceptual ideas and the manufacturing or production of those ideas. So, product design is concerned with finding solutions to meet a specific set of requirements and outlining the specifications of the solution so that the production teams can successfully produce the design.

For example, after having determined the need for acid wash jeans, the design team outlines what is needed to produce this item (fabric, thread, buttons, pumice stone, chlorine, etc…), and how exactly a good should be made (the number of sizes, the exact placement of the buttons, the size of the hem, the length and waist width of each size, etc…).

ParagonERP facilitates the design process by liberating designers from tedious tasks like determining product costs. ParagonERP also helps designers keep track of product specifications and manage product testing, so they can spend more of their time designing great products.

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