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Human resources is about managing your employees. It’s about matching people’s skills with tasks that need to get done and making sure your employees get paid on time. But, how do you do this if you’re not sure who’s working when and for how long, and who’s able to operate which machines, at what level, and for how long? ParagonERP manages all of this.

The Human Resource functionality in ParagonERP is fully integrated with the rest of the system so you can effectively manage work orders by seeing who is qualified and certified to handle which machines, and track who has worked when. By integrating with a host of Payroll providers, we’ve also tried to eliminate the pains associated with having to re-key information from one system into a separate Payroll system. This way, you won’t find yourself losing hours of your day because two systems can’t really “talk” to each other.

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"Human Resources" is part of the ParagonERP line of products, developed by Jonar Systems.

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