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SuperProbe is a generlaized data extraction and analysis tool designed for auditors.

Auditors can extract data from sequential files in both ASCII and EBCDIC. Data base systems are accessed by dumping tables sequentially in fixed form. Source records can be fixed, Line Files (end in CR/LF) or variable length. Users can access data within the segments of variable length records, particularly those created by COBOL programs.

Once the data has been extracted the Auditor can perform many audit tests by selection, calculation, sampling, summarizing, sorting, duplicate checking, merging, and joining. Final results can be printed and exported to files suitable for spread sheet or data base input.

SuperProbe provides a detailed report of all function performed in a form suitable for working paper and review.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Auditing:

"Auditing" is part of the SuperProbe line of products, developed by John Jr. Software.