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The General Ledger function of Jeeves is integrated with all components of the business system. Providing you continuous and real time information, Jeeves allows you to obtain a financial picture of the company on demand.

Controls - Restricted accessibility allows you to control who has access to what information; meaning your project managers will not have access to accounts payable functions.

Integrated Modules - Accounts are continuously updated which eliminates all the double work of copying transactions from other modules.

Traceability - Drill down to source transactions.

Eight Account Segments - Possible to follow IFRS standards for segment analysis providing you a higher level of detail in the accounts. This allows you to follow profitability down to the account segment.

Posting Templates - Easy to post, allocate and make periodic postings. Verifies the posting string; postings are always made in the same way for the same transaction type. Periodic postings are made automatically according to pre-defined allocation principles.

Reconciliation - Reconcile accounts against accounts on the screen and against the report simplifying reconciliation.

Opening Balance - Manual registration or automatic generation from previous year’s results with the possibility of running several times. This allows you to make preliminary period balance for the new year before the previous year is completely ready.

Change of Fiscal Year - Copy chart of accounts and post templates when creating the new fiscal year. This allows you to easily set up a new year and begin processing transactions in a timely manner.

Report Generator - Verifies data since it’s possible to build in traceability with drill-down functionality in reports you define.

Import/export - Ability to import and export accounting data in SIE format. Possible to create a new company in the database. Possible to temporarily store and check before transfer to ledger.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with General Ledger:

"General Ledger" is part of the Jeeves Software line of products, developed by Jeeves Information Systems.