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Jeeves Software

A full ERP system designed by Jeeves Information Systems for large enterprises.
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Everything you need is there

Jeeves Enterprise gives you all the functions that your business needs like financial management, production control, service and maintenance, marketing, sales and purchasing. Headquarters may use a number of different systems, but they are all easily integrated with Jeeves Enterprise even if provided by another supplier.

Design Basic: Make it your own

One of the basic ideas with Jeeves Enterprise is that the system shouldn’t steer your work process, but rather enable you to make your own changes. But the reasoning contains a built-in paradox because changes, in the mind of the hardened IT Director usually entail higher costs.

The paradox is resolved in the ease-of-change by the user to look and feel the way they would like to work, by the group for role based changes, and by Corporate IT for company wide changes. Change in Jeeves is not a bad word because changes are so simple and straight-forward that anybody used to working with a computer can cause change. The basic idea is to make Jeeves your own solution that fits giving you the information how you want to see it, where you want to see it, whenever you want to see it, at the touch of a button. Yes Sir, it really is that easy.

Things that are quite difficult in other systems are simple in Jeeves Alfa Laval, Jacqueline Njord, responsible for Production & Distribution systems Alfa Laval is a leading global supplier of custom designed products and technical process solutions. Alfa Laval has used Jeeves Enterprise since 1995 to handle the production of heat exchangers.

We believe that the business should steer the IT solution. Not the other way around. This view is shared by Jeeves who proved it to us by providing us with the means to work exactly as we like, says Jacqueline Njord, responsible for Production & Distribution systems at Alfa Laval.

We have many factories around the world and require a system that’s easy to install, integrate and extend. Today, we have inter-connected over 20 Jeeves Enterprise systems and around 1000 users with various responsibilities in the organization. Together with Jeeves we have designed a system that fits our needs at a competitive price.

Industries Jeeves Enterprise is one of the most robust solutions on the market today. Jeeves supports customers in industry sectors such as process manufacturing, discrete manufacturing, distribution, service, and projects. Manufacturing methods supported in Jeeves includes XTO (Make-to-Order, Configure-to-Order, Engineer-to-Order, Assemble-to-Order), Make-to-Stock and Continuous.

Pharmaceutical, Nutraceuticals, Life Sciences, Cosmetics, Medical Devices, Food Processors and Distributors, Chemical, Plastics, Meat Production, Metals, Textile, Building Supplies, Pulp/Paper, Grocery, Engineering, Glass, Maintenance, Telecom, Machining, Equipment, Electronics, Furniture, Automotive, Construction, Tools, Appliances, Transportation, Consulting, Public Services, Retail, Printing, Heating Services, Finance, Whole Trading and Distribution

Specific Capabilities

  • Implementation Accelerator Portal with Project Implementation Plan, Documents, Exercises, Training Guides already prepared and accessible by the entire project team (per access control) for implementation success
  • Multiple Companies, Warehouses, Factories, Languages, and Currencies
  • Formula/Recipe Management with Lot Characteristic Pull Specifications
  • Full Lot Traceability Forward/Backward
  • Regulated Industry (Pharma/Food) Compliance w/ Access Control, Audit Trail Management, Signatures
  • Trade Management (Bill-Backs, Charge-Backs, Deductions, Off-Invoice, Rebates, Promotions, Auto-Charges)
  • Quality Assurance Test Specifications attached at Receiving, Routings, with signature approvals
  • Transportation Management with Matrix Costing
  • Full Featured Product Configurator
  • Sales Forecasting providing many algorithms
  • Graphical Planning and Resource Scheduling; role based for Sales, Warehouse, Manufacturing, Stocking, and Suppliers with Drag/Drop to release orders to Working Schedule
  • Make it your own, extensive user interface features such as Tab Creation, Drag/Drop Fields, Button Creation for drill down or analysis with chart/graphs, online HTML help, multiple-field-search, context link buttons
  • “Make it your own” by customize the application easily with Macro language
  • Upgrade Protection is built into the product for all enhancements and customizations for low-cost upgrades
  • Community Collaboration via VOIP, speak directly via your computer to anyone anywhere or have a conference call with a group of people; create a chat session, transfer files such as reports/graphs directly from person to person.
  • Outlook Integration - get emails, tasks, etc direct from Jeeves
  • Project Management module enables new product development
  • User Access Administration and Security is role-based and provides field-level security

Jeeves Enterprise constitutes the building blocks required by the modern company to let all information that effects cost efficiency, profitability and relationships flow in the most favorable way for all stakeholders.

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