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Jeeves Information Systems

A developer of business management software.

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Jeeves Information Systems AB (JIS) is a fast-growing supplier that develops ERP systems for companies that are in the manufacturing, retail, service, and maintenance sectors. The JIS focus is on product development, while sales are targeted at partners and resellers. The Group cooperates with about 70 partners globally.

Jeeves was founded in the early 1990s by a number of motivated Swedish entrepreneurs. We continually strive to find new paths and new solutions. This attitude has helped us grow from being a Swedish actor to a European and North American player to be reckoned with. Our vision is to become the leading ERP solution in Europe and North America.

Over the years, we have developed and refined our concept. We can now offer a well proven product – and expertise converted into concrete business benefit for both old and new customers.

Jeeves, which has been listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange since 1999, is a profitable and stable company. Despite upswings and downswings in the market and crises in the IT industry, we have had positive results, which led to reliable growth. Our partners also run successful businesses involving Jeeves and grow as the number of customers increases. Having a stable and credible supplier to rely on when the winds of change blow is important – particularly when it comes to the core of your company’s business. Longevity and close relations are necessary components of doing good business.

Today, Jeeves is the most attractive ERP system in Sweden and one of the fastest growing systems in Europe. It’s not really that surprising when you think about it. And so it’s not surprising to know why Jeeves in North America is experiencing strong growth and incredible interest from everyone who comes to learn about us!

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  • Jeeves Software

    A full ERP system designed by Jeeves Information Systems for large enterprises.

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