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JBM Logic

A developer of software designed for mid-market businesses in the manufacturing industry.

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JBM Logic Inc., in business since 1987, offers solutions that enable your company to manufacture and distribute with an enhanced level of competitiveness to deliver your products, and enhance your customer service and better control your costs.

JBM offers and end to end solution, we are easy to do business with, the range of services we offer you includes consultation, implementation, training, support and customization services. Based on a solid expertise in small and medium-sized business solutions, JBM Logic developed INTEGRA e-business, a new generation of integrated business software to fulfill the needs of your business.

JBM’s main objective is to understand your needs and requirements. Our engineers are trained to answer your questions concerning the advantages of using our technologies in your environment:

We support you throughout the decision process to build the optimal solution for your business and we remain present during each steps of the project from your choice, installation of computer hardware, network infrastructure to the training of your staff on the maximal usage of your solution.

Using a proven implementation methodology, the coordination of the activities needed to implement your new tailored business software is done professionally. Our turn key integration policy assures a quick implementation with quality support and maintenance.

Do you think your business is investing a large portion of your budgets on the acquisition of technology solutions? INTEGRA e-business helps your company generate a Return on Investment by increasing the control of your business processes and cost control.

Reduction of your operation costs Reduction in the number of errors at order entry, invoicing and shipping Increased productivity of all employees by integrating all system Reduction of inventory levels based on better supply processes.

INTEGRA e-business is specifically designed to adapt to the business processes of your company. Built on an open and flexible architecture, it makes customization simple to adapt to your companies workflow. The result is an efficient business solution capable of reducing your production cost while maximizing your investment.

Very few business software solutions are designed to answer to the every day reality of Small and Medium Businesses. What distinguishes us is our profound motivation and ability to understand your business. We deliver high performance tools built to your specifications. The outcome is a tight integration of your business processes at the heart of your own personalized solution. Your vision and leadership are the main keys in the realization of your project.

Maintaining your company in the top ranks of the most performing companies is possible. You only need to maximize your resources!

By eliminating redundant data By eliminating non values added tasks By reducing processing time By having the right information to make the right decisions By having management tools that contribute to give your customer’s quality product and services

INTEGRA and JBM’s team of qualified employees will help you achieve your objective of a more efficient business, call us today so we can start a long lasting relationship the will benefit your company and make it more profitable.

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