Is SCP 4.0 right for your business?

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Quick and seamless integration is undoubtedly one of the biggest factors in the success or failure of supply chain projects. A long implementation means high costs and lost momentum which in turn can translate into a loss of interest by users and management.

The average implementation time (including training) for SCP is 2 weeks

This number is a true measurement from existing client implementations. It is made possible primarily because of SCP’s built-in Data Mapping functionality. Data Maps are capable of retrieving data, manipulating it, and allocating the results to the proper location in SCP where it can be used by the forecasting, planning, and scheduling engines. They can also take info from SCP and pass it to external target databases or files for full 2-way communication.

Data Maps connect SCP to any electronic data sources such as AS400 databases (DB2), Oracle, SQL Server, Excel, ASCII, XML, EDI VANS, FTP, Internet, even email attachments and much more. They also ‘shield’ users from the technical requirements of most supply chain systems.

With SCP Data Mapping, the demand for already constrained I.T. resources is minimal and the power of implementation is transferred into the hands of the people managing the installation. A person with minor technical skills can create and adjust a map, significantly reducing the integration time from weeks to days. Super-users can even create ODBC connections and write SQL commands. More technically advanced users can write complete programs to accomplish integration goals.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Data Integration:

"Data Integration" is part of the SCP 4.0 line of products, developed by Jada Management Systems, LLC.