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J-Com International, Inc

A developer of business management software.

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In 1990 J-Com started its operations back in Grand Blanc, Michigan. The company was founded by Phil Jackson. Prior to starting J-Com, Phil had been involved in the IT world since he left the US Air Force in 1971. He gained valuable experience working in a variety of different IT organizations including IBM. During the first few years J-Com clients consisted mainly of suppliers to Ford, GM and Chrysler. As the demand for EDI has grown so has the company. We have expanded our service to cover retail EDI, Aerospace EDI and of course continue to service the automotive marketplace. We now have a global presence and provide EDI services for thousands of customers all around the world. Although our client base continues to grow, we are still a relatively small company. Our success is derived from one place – customer service. Our business has grown because our customers appreciate the service they receive and have been kind enough to recommend our service to others in the industry. Employing good people who understand that customer service is what sells, while continuously focusing on what we do well, is what makes J-Com successful. Next year we will proudly celebrate our 20th anniversary.

Product Lines

  • J-Forms Web EDI

    A web-based EDI software system designed by J-Com International Inc.

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