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In today’s increasingly complex investment environment, data management suffers from being fractured at many asset management companies. Data is moved frequently from one system to another as mangers attempt to generate statistics, create reports, and manage their clients’ portfolios. This process is inefficient as it introduces errors, produces inconsistent results, and wastes valuable time. Because IMS resides on a central data store, data is consistent for every user.

IMS helps companies operate more efficiently, realize lower costs, and provide improved customer services. Users facilitate decision making via IMS’ integrated management tools, such as performance measurement, compliance and modeling, scenario analysis, and flexible reporting. Portfolio managers can focus on managing assets, not data. The operations and accounting departments can perform their functions without leaving the core application to run spreadsheets or reports.

Efficient Data Management

  • Track almost any extraneous data item through a user-defined field definition system (like CRM systems).
  • Tracks all UDF history for almost all items: trades, Instruements portfolios, instruments, brokers, etc
  • Format query to report your exact needs by in-house non-programmers.
  • Create spreadsheet-like queries and export them to Word, Excel, PDF, and Crystal Reports
  • Avoid exporting or maintaining data in spreadsheets; improve efficiencies and reduce errors.

Data Integration

  • Use XML to import or export almost any data item or to drive integration.
  • Configure IMS to import directly from spreadsheets or tab delimited files.
  • Send or receive data updates from clients, custodians, brokers, or external systems (EX trading).
  • Validation ensures that imported data is consistent and complete. Integrate with many systems: brokers, custodians, General Ledger, CRM, and trading.
  • Ensure your system is properly updated with IMS’ powerful reconciliation engine.


Scenarios is a powerful rebalancing and trading tool that allows a portfolio manager to review the effects a specific trade will have on a portfolio’s performance before the trade is executed. Several trade scenarios can be reviewed concurrently. Analytics are displayed in real time to help select the trade alternative that best meets desired objectives. These trades can then be executed without ever leaving Scenarios.

Portfolio Modeling

Reliable portfolio-management tools are essential for making accurate and timely decisions for your clients. With IMS, managers can design portfolio models to keep holdings within specified guidelines. Whenever a modeling guideline is violated, IMS can suggest trades, based on pre-established rules, to bring the portfolio in line with its objectives. This ensures that your clients’ strategies are protected efficiently and precisely.

Other Capabilities Include

  • Perform “what if” scenario analysis during rebalancing or when performing a single trade to view how the impending action will affect a portfolio’s performance.
  • Use integrated rules based modeling/compliance to keep portfolios in line with their models or benchmarks.
  • Manage and report on portfolios through unlimited user-defined reports using IMS’ unique “Design Tool”.
  • Project cash and perform liquidity analysis.
  • Restrict access to portfolio information based on “user rights”.


Compliance perfectly complements Scenarios with its robust risk-management capabilities. When a portfolio is accessed for either trading or analysis, pre-set rules automatically determine if the considered actions meet SEC regulations (Rule 2a-7 for money markets is supported), internal policies, or client guidance. Violations are displayed before any action is taken.

But Compliance is far more than a regulatory tool. It is designed to also provide business managers with the flexibility to better manage their internal policies and client guidelines as needs dictate. Managers can design their own rules and apply them to selected portfolios so that a “best practices” environment is well maintained.

  • As a regulatory tool, preset rules are defined, and IMS warns when an impending trade violates relevant regulations. As planned trades are altered, the violation window updates in real time. You can also report regulatory violations on historical activity.
  • Internal company policies dictate “how we do business”. Warnings are generated and a report is provided when any rule is violated.
  • Portfolio models can be designed to operate within a client’s specific guidelines. Compliance alerts users when a portfolio breaks pre-established client guidelines (i.e. fixed income concentration level must be no more than 25% and must be rated AA or better and amortized cost positions with a particular issuer can’t be > 10% of the overall portfolio). IMS will also suggest trades, based on these pre-established guidelines, to help bring the portfolio back in line.
  • Compliance rules can be maintained and updated locally. New rules are easy to build. Changing these rules is restricted by user rights.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Investment Data Management:

"Investment Data Management" is part of the Isis IMS line of products, developed by Isis Financial Systems.