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iEmployee: (1989-Present)

Internet-based employee productivity applications represent essential and evolutionary technology that dramatically improves the way organizations manage their workforce. iEmployee was founded on this premise and it has been focused on Internet-based Time & Attendance, HR Benefits, Expenses, Payroll, and other Human Resource applications.

Since 1989, Founders of iEmployee have been working on mission critical software applications. In 1996, the founders partnered with Ceridian, a major payroll company, as their premier implementation partner. The blue print of iEmployee was created with the notion of improving employee productivity using the power of the Internet in April 2000.

Our vision was borne as the Internet was becoming an acceptable conduit for delivering software. iEmployee is the first in the market to offer a 100% Web-Based Time & Attendance solution for the Internet that does not require any IT overhead or investment such as hardware, software, licensing and database administration.

Ceridian and 20 other payroll partners have sought to offer iEmployee’s Online Timesheet, Payroll and other HR functions over the Internet to over 1600 clients.

In the last 3 years iEmployee has become the Time & Attendance and HR/Benefit software of choice for its payroll partners and thousands of other companies with 100 to 10,000 employees.

These deployments represent just the early stage of how 100% Web-Based Time & Attendance and HR/Benefit solutions are superior to traditional client/server models and transform the way businesses increase efficiency and compete in an Internet economy. As we help to drive growth in the ASP applications, we are also helping to respond to evolving customer requirements that are a necessary part of our product evolution process.

Today, what sets iEmployee apart from the rest of the players in the HR/Payroll industry is the single application architecture. iEmployee is not an integrated package of applications. The single application covers all functions for Timesheet, Payroll, HR/Benefit, Expenses, Time Off, and other HR processes, and enables any change made in one place to synchronize throughout the entire application. All functions (Timesheet, Payroll, Expenses, Time Off, and other HR functions) use iEmployee as a centralized database for administrative activities. For example, submitting new employee data in iEmployee will update and synchronize this data within all functions - HR, Payroll, Timesheet, and Expenses. There is never double data entry or a need to enter new employee data in each respective application separately. Data is loaded in iEmployee only once and shared across all HR functions.

With years of software development, industry know-how, and customer expertise in the most demanding conditions over thousands of implementations, iEmployee stands up to the most stringent customer requirements.

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