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In manufacturing, reducing the cost of product quality (COPQ) requires the deployment of an integrated, real-time quality management software solution to troubleshoot supplier performance issues thoroughly. By streamlining communication among suppliers and manufacturing sites, IQS’ software creates an enterprise-wide supplier management solution to minimize supplier-related COPQ issues.

Issue tracking: Nonconformances and Corrective Actions

The IQS software solution features the ability to track supplier nonconformances in real-time by giving suppliers access to quality-related data via the Web. Establishing consistent supplier performance procedures is critical when identifying and analyzing non-conforming lots and supplier components. To solve this common challenge, IQS’ software allows suppliers to identify nonconformances before problems arise.

Quality management systems must also coordinate corrective actions with nonconformances to lower COPQ. IQS’ software facilitates collaboration among suppliers and manufacturing sites to perform root-cause analyses and coordinate follow-up actions efficiently, consolidating supplier management issues via an integrated software platform.

Supplier Audits and Scorecards

The challenge of planning, scheduling and conducting audits creates opportunities to optimize supplier performance procedures by deploying a real-time supplier management software solution. The IQS software solution provides such a platform, establishing the reliability of supplier processes and products.

Improving supplier performance is the responsibility of every member of an enterprise’s quality management team. The score carding capability featured in IQS’ software gives quality departments an agile quality management software solution that enables users to perform real-time metrics and track improvements over time. By adopting a proactive approach to score carding, quality management personnel can facilitate corrective actions faster by improving communication among suppliers and manufacturing sites.

In summary, use the IQS Supplier Performance Software to:

  • Build Scorecards to give quality departments a solution for real-time metrics and track improvements over time
  • Categorize your suppliers with your own codes for supplier type, territory, ratings and approval levels
  • Define fields and categorize communications to allow for sorting and analysis
  • Analyze supplier satisfaction and supplier problems to improve business planning activities
  • Record nonconformances and corrective actions with all necessary traceability and more!

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Supplier Performance:

"Supplier Performance" is part of the IQS line of products, developed by IQS Quality Management Software.