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The high cost of poor quality undermines the return-on-investment of quality management systems. To lower costs by optimizing NCM procedures and corrective and preventative actions (CAPA), quality management systems require issue-tracking software that includes a wide range of features and increased system agility. IQS’ quality management solution contains an integrated, real-time platform that consolidates the strengths of disparate NCM software, corrective action software and issue tracking software into a unified solution.

Complaint Tracking

Outdated nonconformance software and corrective action software platforms are a hindrance when conducting CAPA optimization initiatives. Disparate software systems create inefficiencies that allow redundancy to muddle quality management systems as a whole. The IQS issue tracking software solves this problem by streamlining NCM procedures from an enterprise-wide perspective.

Complaint tracking software must be able to provide real-time data throughout the various stages of correcting NCMs. IQS’ software allows quality management teams to adapt workflows as needed when solving NCM issues. The challenge of manually coordinating the different classes of disparate quality management software is eliminated from the quality management system, creating ample opportunities to optimize nonconformance initiatives further.

Nonconformance and CAPA Optimization

Manual paper-based quality management systems obstruct efficiency when coordinating corrective actions among department personnel. By deploying an integrated, software-based platform, quality management personnel can obtain and assign access to data at the appropriate stage of the nonconformance process. An enterprise-wide, real-time quality management system allows key personnel to conduct root-cause analyses and forward results to quality managers via a single system, removing the problem of coordinating disparate software altogether.

In summary, the IQS Nonconformance/CAPA Software helps:

  • Define and analyze each nonconformance and assign risk priority numbers
  • Ensure disposition efforts are effective by assigning responsibility for verification
  • Provide automatic look-up of information regarding nonconformance from IQS Inspection/SPC allowing you to track the employee or supplier who produced the nonconforming product
  • Integrate with email to provide serial and parallel workflow approval routing and more!

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Nonconformance/CAPA:

"Nonconformance/CAPA" is part of the IQS line of products, developed by IQS Quality Management Software.